Custom Picture Framing Costs Way Too Much - Stretcher Bars Are The Inexpensive Solution To Hang Your Diamond Painting Canvas
Thousands of Diamond Painters Have Asked for This!
Finally an Inexpensive DIY Solution to Easily Hang Your Diamond Paintings!
They are called Stretcher Bars and they are the Best Option to hang finished Diamond Painting Canvases.
Watch the Video and Read Below Why ūüĎá
The truth is...
Diamond Painting is one of the most enjoyable crafts in the WORLD
(That's why so many people love it...)
Framing them is NOT
Frame Making Stores can charge at least $100 to Frame a medium size canvas!
Custom Picture Framing is labor intensive and can be wasteful of materials.

And because customers usually want just one frame at a time, or frames of different sizes, they typically get charged full prize with no discount while still paying for all the material!
If your picture frame is 16x20 a Frame Maker will have to order a 32x40 sheet of board. It takes time to cut (time you pay for) and 70% of the mat board sheet will go unused!

As the Frame Maker needs to make a profit they will charge you for all the materials plus a markup to cover their overheads.
So what to do when you have 
so many COMPLETED PROJECTS to frame 
but you don't want it to cost an arm and a leg?!
Canvas Stretchers
Our Canvas Stretcher Bars are the ideal DIY way to stretch and hang your Diamond Paintings. 

They are constructed from kiln dried pine and feature pre-cut interlocking corners that fit tightly together.

No gluing is required in the assembly of the stretcher bars. Hang your Diamond Painting easy as 1, 2... 3!

It really is easy...
it takes only five steps!
Step 1
Turn the painting over and use a pen to mark the stretchers position. Wood angles must face each other inwardly.  Wood edge and the painting edge must align with each other.
Step 2
Tape the wooden bar to secure into the correct position.
Step 3
Bar by bar remove the tape and erect the wood ensuring the canvas edge is placed between the panels angels.
Step 4
Insert the "U" nail in to the corner of the bars.
Step 5
Insert the corner scaffolding to steady the frame.
100's of Customers Have already Decided That Easy Stretchers Bars Are Perfect To Hang their Diamond Paintings
Here's what they had to say afterwards...
Ellen D.
This was much easier to do than I anticipated! I had a 30x40 diamond painting that would have cost a fortune to mat and then put it in a frme myself. I have others that I am doing and will use your bars. Thank you!!!
Paula M.
I love the stretcher bars so easy to put the painting canvas on.
Jennifer E.
This is my second picture. It worked pretty well. It is a 45cmx60cm. I had small creases in it, from the sticky film on the picture. This stretcher frame helped that quite a bit. 
Kathy M.
I had done the diamond picture but it was sitting in a drawer. I was pleased to see the video of the easy whim framing and ordered. Really happy as it was so easy to frame and now it's on the wall ūüėĀ
Faith L.
Love that they have stretcher bars so you can order them right along with the picture and so easy to order, 1, 2, 3 you are DONE!

Joy U.
I am very happy with the stretcher frames. Very easy to use and light . Finished of my diamond painting beautifully. Will be buying more. Thank you.
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